Forget the angst and drama of waiting for a rose on reality TV, including a rose ceremony as part of your wedding is a romantic addition to any exchange of vows. It's also the beginning of an ongoing commitment to celebrate your love and use symbolism to help take you through tough times.

Confused? Don't be, we've got the goss on rose ceremonies spelled out for you below:

What is the rose ceremony?

With red roses renowned as the ‘flower of love', more and more couples are choosing to exchange single red roses after they exchange wedding rings as an additional symbol of their love.

What does it mean?

The enduring idea behind the rose ceremony is that on each anniversary of your big day, you each place a rose somewhere in your home for the other to find (treasure hunt time!), symbolising a renewal of your vows, and a re-commitment to your marriage.

Wedding Rose Ceremony

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What should you say?

Just like your wedding vows, you can write your own rose ceremony wording, or you can ask your priest or celebrate to help you - it all depends on what the rose is going to mean to the two of you. You can make it sombre and serious, or have a little fun with it depending on the vibe of your vows.

If you need a little inspo to get the creative (and romantic) ideas flowing, potential words to include are: devotion, appreciation, companionship, support, tolerance, compassion, kindness, trust, loyalty, get the gist.

Using the rose in a rocky patch

Sometimes, when you're going through a tough time - as all couples do - finding the right words to say ‘I'm sorry', or ‘let's work this out' or ‘I need you', or anything else, can be tricky, especially for those of us who don't like to admit our mistakes.

Why not make a pledge to each other to use the red rose if ever you're struggling to connect? By leaving a red rose for your loved one, they'll know you still love them and you want to work things out, and sometimes that's all that's needed to open the lines of communication again.

Wedding Rose Ceremony Wedding Rose Ceremony

An example: 

Your marriage celebrant reads :

(Bride's Name) and (Groom's Name), wherever you make your home, find a special spot for your roses, so that on the anniversary of this momentous occasion you can both place a rose in your special place to re-affirm the vows you have made here today.

In every marriage, there are times when finding the right words is difficult, and sadly it's often easiest to hurt those we love the most. For those times when it's tough to say ‘I'm sorry' or ‘I need you', use the rose to share your feelings, get the conversation started, and remind each other of the love you pledged today.

Wedding Rose Ceremony

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