Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Haven't we heard that before? With good reason.

An easy, but often neglected aspect of wedding décor, lighting can truly set the scene, embody your theme and create just the right amount of light and shade to ensure the ambience is....perfect.

From everybody's favourite fairy lights to glam and glitzy chandeliers to Chinese lanterns, industrial lamps, stage lights and rustic candelabras, we can't emphasise enough the importance of getting the right glow going.

Lighting as décor

Luxe lighting outdoor fairy lights wedding settingLuxe lighting indoor fairy lights wedding setting

Julia Kay Kelly Natalia Ibarra

Lighting should not only be part of your decorating plan, it can actually take the place of some traditional decorating tools such as additional flowers. Think hanging candelabras, elegant chandeliers, fairy light garlands (both indoors and out), pretty low-slung pendant lights above dining tables - you get the picture.

Popular pinspotting

Luxe lighting wedding table setting candles

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A trend we're seeing more of at wedding receptions is pinspotting, where narrow beams of light are used to highlight particular aspects such as table centrepieces, the wedding cake, or a tall floral arrangement.

Light the way

Luxe lighting wedding fairy lights outdoor

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We love the idea of using lights to lead the way in to your reception venue, or to highlight zones around the garden if yours is an outdoor event. From paper lanterns slung from the trees to flaming lanterns along gravel pathways or candles in mason jars down below, the options to get creative, and up the romance, are endless.

To get the inspo flowing, we've put together a few theme-based ideas for lovely lighting:

1. A modern marriage

Uplighting adds a splash of slick light to a dark night for contemporary do's, and often makes playful patterns on the ceiling. Consider coloured lights according to a theme too.

uplighting wedding reception decor

2. A rustic romance

Hand provincial pendants from exposed rafters in a barn or warehouse, or drape fairy lights, well....everywhere in lieu of individual light fittings for a twinkling, laidback lighting look.

garden wedding decor ideas

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3. A spiritual ceremony

Gently flickering candles work wonderfully well in church, adding a touch of drama and gravitas to the setting, especially as they reflect on stained glass windows.

wedding ceremony decor ideas

4. Retro rules

With such a wide selection of replica mid-century light fittings available (at affordable prices), giving your room a touch of ‘Happy Days' has never been easier, or looked so good. Think low-hung pendants above dining tables in citrus brights and blacks.

pendant lighting at wedding receptions

5. Gatsby glam

Ramp up salon style with gold pendants and chandeliers, or candles sitting atop mirrored gold trays, for your own take Gatsby's picture-perfect party style.

art deco wedding decor

Studio Bonon

6. DIY Lighting

Sparklers and lots of them are a sure fire way to light up a moment.  Hand them out just before light the pathway as you leave.

Luxe lighting wedding fairy lights outdoor sparklers

Joshua Mikhaiel

7. Bridal Table Backdrop

Highlight the top table with a spectacular lit backdrop display and hang thousands of fairy lights from a wall or tree. 

Luxe lighting wedding fairy lights outdoor

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