Reese Witherspoon is back in Elle Woods' strappy shoes in Legally Blonde 2. Now a rising young lawyer, Elle is about to make partner at her firm, she and Emmett are still in love, and her hair is still super healthy. But when she finds out her beloved Bruiser's canine relatives are being used as cosmetic test subjects, Elle heads to D.C. to accessorise her rights and take matters into her own well-manicured hands. Political maneuvering, vote-seeking senators, hidden agendas, and a cute Congress outfit with matching Gucci bag - Elle Woods goes to Washington, and the U.S. government will never be the same! and Metro Goldwyn Mayer are delighted to give i-do members the chance to win one of 10 fantastic Legally Blonde 2 packs each containing:

  • 1 x Legally Blonde 2 Rhinestone sunglasses
  • 1 x Legally Blonde 2 In-Season Movie Pass
  • 1 x Legally Blonde 2 Soundtrack
  • 1 x Legally Blonde 2 Notebook
  • 1 x Legally Blonde 2 Tote Bag
  • 1 x Legally Blonde DVD
  • 1 x OPI Nail Lacquer
  • 1 x Nail File

There are also 30 runner-up prizes of double in-season passes up for grabs.

HOW TO WIN: For your chance to win, simply let us know a famous blonde you admire, are inspired by (or just simply think is fabulous) and why!




To celebrate the release of Legally Blonde 2, the RSPCA and Twentieth Century Fox Film invites all blondes to assemble in an effort to create an official world record for the largest gathering of blondes ever! Please join celebrity blondes Sami Lukas in Sydney, Jemma Gawned in Melbourne, Amity Dry in Adelaide and Fiona Mills in Brisbane to witness what promises to be a fun-filled event. Enjoy hairstyling by John Frieda, Manicures and Pedicures by OPI and an array of gifts and prizes supplied by Cover Girl, Supre, Legally Blonde 2 and the RSPCA. For more information visit

Legally Blonde 2 is in cinemas nationally from 11th September 2003.


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Alexandra Hogg
My Favourite Beauty Product: Toni and Tina Sparkle Eye Liners
Why: They unbelievably unbelievable! Soft on the eyes yet have a remarkable staying sparkle that's so dramatic.

Amber de Graef
My Favourite Beauty Product: Palmers Lip Balm
Why: I love it because it is soft and smooth and tastes like chocolate. It gives you that chocolate hit without the calories... Try it!

Annabel Heinrich
My Favourite Beauty Product: ModelCo Liquid Buds
Why: They are so convenient and efficient, and easily fit into the daintiest purse or evening bag. They are perfect for a bride who wants to look her best but doesn't want to carry around her whole cosmetic case.

Belinda Boorman
My Favourite Beauty Product: Body Shop Lip Liner in "Beech"
Why: It is a classic natural colour that will never go out of fashion and matches everything. It also goes on very smoothly and never dries out.

Geneva Dahl
My Favourite Beauty Product: Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Treatment Conditioner
Why: The most brilliant hair treatment product I have ever used, and I can't tell you how amazing the smell of this product is. You feel as though you should be eating it rather than smearing it all over your hair!

Helen Commens
My Favourite Beauty Product: Mr Tweezerman tweezers
Why: If I were to be stranded on a desert island, this would be one of my essential choices to take with me! They are the best tweezers I have ever used!

Janine Reynell
My Favourite Beauty Product: Estee Lauder Retractable Lip Liner in Fig
Why: Practical and versatile, the retractable liner never needs sharpening and the colour refills can be interchanged so essentially, you have multiple colours at your fingertips without having to carry multiple sticks and messy sharpeners. Not to mention they're beautifully gentle on your lips and for someone with sensitive skin, this is critical. Sensational!

Jennifer Bailey
My Favourite Beauty Product: Sea Minerals King Island Kelp Body Polish
Why: I have had problems with pimples on my back, chest, top of my arms, shoulders and bikini area which I have really been hoping to get rid of before my wedding day in August. After discovering this product a few months ago it is actually looking like this is a possibility! I started off using this product twice a day to begin with but now I am down to twice a week and, other than my regular hormonal monthly breakouts, my skin has improved remarkably. The skin on my arms appears fresher and seems to shine, and the action of massaging the product all over my body during my evening shower has certainly helped me to sleep better on those nights I use the body polish.

Liz Neal
My Favourite Beauty Product: Chanel No 5
Why: Even if I have no time for makeup, with a quick spray of No 5 I still leave the house feeling glam!

Madison Parker
My Favourite Beauty Product: Reviv Face Mud form the dead sea
Why: As my Fiance says, "Who knew dirt could be so much fun!"

Marie Adams
My Favourite Beauty Product: My own brown sugar scrub
Why: I make my own body scrub using brown sugar, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and essential oils of my choice. I find it is not harsh on my skin and not only gets rid of dead skin cells but is a great moisturiser and has aromatheraputic healing properties - I love it!

Michelle Clark
My Favourite Beauty Product: Lash Wand ModelCo
Why: Seriously, having short eyelashes I decided to purchase a Lash Wand for my engagement party so I didn't have to goto a make up artist and have fake lashes put on. I loved the immediate result! I am addicted to now and use it every morning before work. It makes my lashes look longer which I love! The Lash Wand rocks!

Nicole Meyer
My Favourite Beauty Product: Puff and Blush by ModelCo
Why: "I feel gorgeous from head to toe,
Using Puff+Blush from ModelCo,
Brandy Alexander is my No 1,
Then I don't have to go in the sun."

Nicole Pinnell
My Favourite Beauty Product: Guerlain - Issima - Midnight Secret
Why: This product is amazing. If you have a late night you put it on before you go to bed and you wake up not looking like you have the hang you actually have! And, it smells divine! I'll definitely use this product to give my face a pick-me-up (minus the hangover of course) before my wedding day. It's a miracle product!

Susan Lee Boyes
My Favourite Beauty Product: Vaseline white petroleum jelly!
Why: Vaseline is fantastic for everything - sore cracked lips, dry rough hands and feet, an all over body moisuriser and believe it or not, my puppies licked a whole jar dry so they love it too! For beauty or a dogs dinner, Vaseline suits me and my furry friends :)



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Abi Woldhuis
Romantic Weekend Destination: Port Stephens
Weekend Plan: I'd rent an apartment overlooking the beach and have all meals delivered to the apartment. I'd set us up with books, munchies and soothing music and take time away from our busy life. Each of us would have a journal to write what we would like to achieve together in the coming year. For dinner I would organise a three piece ensemble to play and then go for a moonlit walk along the beach together.

Amanda Brown
Romantic Weekend Destination: By the sea
Weekend Plan:
Trinkets and tales of days gone by,
of whimsical mysteries our lives side by side.
Gazing at stars, the warmth on our backs,
longingly holding each other, our thoughts so in tact.
Kisses and cuddles, romantic rendevous,
the weekend a blur, Love we incur.

Amanda Hovell
Romantic Weekend Destination: Hunter Valley
Weekend Plan: Organise everything as a surprise. Pack his bag for him, pop it in the car, clear our calendars for the weekend, organise a day off work for him and whisk him away to a cabin with a fireplace (a real one, so he can light it and make sure it stays lit - it's a bloke thing!) and a spa. Arrange champagne on arrival and at least one meal in the privacy of our cabin. A wine tasting (with transport arranged) would have to make it into the agenda!

Ange Harmer
Romantic Weekend Destination: Coastal
Weekend Plan: Bottle of red, bottle of white, strawberries and cream, and a big bottle of massage oil!

Angela Barrett
Romantic Weekend Destination: Dandenong Ranges
Weekend Plan: After a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast in bed, we would head off for our destination, stopping along the way somewhere secluded to enjoy my pre-prapared gourmet picnic hamper. Then it would be onto our private cottage where there will be no radio or TV, just lovely views of the country side. Of course they'd be a spa bath for two! If we decide to leave our room we can have a romantic dinner in a local restaurant, before heading home to sample some of the wines we collected from the Mornington Peninsula along the way.... fabulous!

Bev Henley
Romantic Weekend Destination: Paris
Weekend Plan:
My partner romantic?
'EAU' no never, but a weekend in Paris might change him forever.
The Arc, the Elysee, the Eiffel above, where better place to rekindle our love?
My darling man deserves a treat, I'd take us to Paris, tout de suite!

Caroline Gibson
Romantic Weekend Destination: Bed & Breakfast on the Mornington Pennisula
Weekend Plan: Horseriding on the beach, wine in the spa, good food and great company. The kind of weekend where you don't ever want to come home!

Catherine Magraith
Romantic Weekend Destination: Mt Tamborine, Lavington National Park, QLD.
Weekend Plan: There is a cave at this park that opens up to this huge underground waterfall. It is the most magical place in the world and I would love to share this special place with my loved one who has never been!

Chris Gunn
Romantic Weekend Destination: Brampton Island
Weekend Plan: I wouldn't tell my fiance we were going anywhere, I'd just secretly pack what she needs and then tell her we were going for a drive. When we arrived at the airport, I'd just say to her, "I love you and this is something just for being you!"

Hannah Smith
Romantic Weekend Destination: The Hunter Valley
Weekend Plan: I'd start with an open top car to drive him there. We'd visit his favourite wineries and buy a few bottles for dinner that night. We'd spend the afternoon sitting on our balcony, watching the sun go down over the hills and sipping a good red with some locally made cheese. Then out for a quite, romantic dinner at a small intimate restuarant. A good bubble bath would round out the night. The next day would start with a balloon ride over the morning skies before a massage for both of us to truly relax, and finally a bike ride out to some of the smaller, prettier wineries. That night we would eat dinner outside, under the incredible stars you would never see in the city. The final day we would enjoy some horse riding together before departing back to Sydney, relaxed and even more in love than ever!

Helen Patas
Romantic Weekend Destination: Dandenong Ranges
Weekend Plan: We would drive up to Mt Dandenong on a misty morning, arriving at a private little timber cottage, which is hidden amongst the tall trees. Upon arrival I would pop open a bottle of bubbly. We'd drink it in front of the open fireplace whilst the rain lightly tapped upon the windows. After feeding my loved one chocolate coated strawberries, we would hop into the hot spa, which I would have surrounded with candles to dimly light the room.

Jacqueline Buzik
Romantic Weekend Destination: Dangar Island
Weekend Plan: I would keep the whole thing a secret until we were boarding the sea plane. Then it would just be us two with nothing but a few cocktails and a masseuse.

Johanna Parsons
Romantic Weekend Destination: A luxury, secluded beach side chalet
Weekend Plan: Two people. One long stemmed champagne flute. One strawberry. White sand. Clear water. Only one towel - big enough for both of us to huddle under as it starts to rain (at the end of the day - well planned by me and the weather man!). An evening with the same champagne flute - this time in a bubbling spa bath overlooking the ocean as the lightening (again planned by me!) provides spectacular fireworks above the crashing waves. Heaven!

Megan Bullock
Romantic Weekend Destination: In a cabin out in the bush!.
Weekend Plan: Both Matt and I are in the State Emergency Service. I would organise a mock search and rescue where we had to "meet" at a certain location to begin the search. This location is the site where we will spend our romantic weekend together. As it is often that we are required for bush searches this would not be supicious to him. I would have a romantic dinner catered for, wood on the fire and the best champagne, and of course desert!

Melisa Vassallo
Romantic Weekend Destination: The Blue Mountains
Weekend Plan: I would start by picking him up and taking him on a romantic twilight helicopter ride over Sydney Harbour, complete with champagne and strawberries. After a wonderful romantic flight, I would take him for pre-dinner drinks at the chic Bridge Bar where we can sit down in plush surroundings and enjoy the view of the harbour's sparkly lights. I would then take him to the Blackwattle Bay Boathouse to enjoy their famous Snapper Pie. To complete the evening I would give him a full body massage with essential oils in a warm candlelit room!

Sarah Holland-Batt
Romantic Weekend Destination: Soccor World Cup!
Weekend Plan:
My partner is soccor-mad;
I fear it's not a passing fad,
But a lifelong hobby.
So rather than be snobby,
I try to join in
And shout "To The Sin-Bin!"
I think he knows I don't care a bean,
But it makes him glad that I am keen
To do things that make him happy;
I know it sounds sappy,
But doing things that make him smile
Beat everything else by a country mile.
So I'd take him to the World Cup,
It would brighten his life up
As it's always been his dream
To watch the players live and not on the screen!
Plus, while he is absorbed with them,
I could check out gorgeous David Beckham!

Tara Frame
Romantic Weekend Destination: Port Douglas
Weekend Plan: The surprise is everything! I'd pick up my man in the car, whisk him up the coast and say the romantic words he wants to hear... "I packed your surfboard!"

Tracey McLoughlin
Romantic Weekend Destination: A beach house in winter... snuggly!
Weekend Plan: A huge fire place, a big comfy couch and lots of champagne (and I'd hide his mobile phone!)

Tracie McNamara
Romantic Wekend Destination: Sapphire Gemfields
Weekend Plan: A romantic candlelit dinner under a million stars & above a million gems!

Wendy Pierpoint
Romantic Weekend Destination: Out of town!
Weekend Plan: Imagine escaping from phones, children, pets, employees & family. Just allowing two 50 year olds to enjoy each other. It's time that 20 year olds take for granted, 80 year olds forget what it's like and 50 year olds cannot find! We'd just need some time out to pamper ourselves!